Fuel and Energy Science

Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste ManagementDecommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management
by A. Rahman

This book provides a detailed understanding of the issues associated with these processes. The depth and breadth of the treatment is such that the book is suitable as a text book for graduate and post-graduate courses, and will also be useful to those involved in decommissioning projects and radi... more...
Dictionary of Energy and FuelsDictionary of Energy and Fuels
by Clifford JonesNigel Russell

This comprehensive new dictionary comprises over 1300 definitions and brief articles to provide an extremely useful ready-reference work on solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, including information on the scenes of production of many fuels, such as major coal reserves and large oil and gas fields. Eco... more...
Dictionary of Fire Protection EngineeringDictionary of Fire Protection Engineering
by Clifford Jones

This groundbreaking book contains a broad yet detailed coverage of the major aspects of fire engineering. As would be expected, such matters as fire extinguishers, flame-retardants and fire-fighting feature centrally, with descriptions, from the functional point of view, of fire appliances from sele... more...
Dictionary of Oil and Gas ProductionDictionary of Oil and Gas Production
by Clifford Jones

This dictionary provides a synthesis of information currently available but only in a diverse array of sources. Through judicious choice and careful scrutiny, the author has gathered together a very handy ready-reference in the same style as his companion volumes, Dictionary of Energy and Fuels and ... more...
Hydrocarbon Process Safety 2nd editionHydrocarbon Process Safety 2nd edition
by Clifford Jones

A new edition of this established text has been expanded and updated, treating this important field in a holistic manner. The structure of the previous book has been retained, but enhanced with new text and illustrations, and more numerical problems with a wider scope. Readers will find much on t... more...
Introduction to Nuclear SafetyIntroduction to Nuclear Safety
Principles and Applications
by Paul F. Coley

This book encompasses many different topics in the field of nuclear safety and answers the need for an accessible introductory text to complement industry guidance. It focuses on the principles and applications of nuclear safety, guiding the reader through the ‘why’ and the ‘how&rs... more...
Their Occurrence, Production and Utilisation
by Clifford Jones

Lignites are a fuel resource upon which there has been heavy reliance for a long time in several parts of the world. Indeed, lignite (also known as low-rank coal, brown coal or braunkohle), has been used for electricity generation in some regions for a century or more. These coals can, after a mild ... more...
Numerical Exercises in Fire Protection EngineeringNumerical Exercises in Fire Protection Engineering
by Clifford Jones

An essential tool to understanding fire protection engineering. This valuable book draws on the author's long and varied experience in combustion technology and contains soundly-based engineering calculations in fire protection engineering based on start-of-the-art methods. This branch of enginee... more...
Numerical Exercises on Heat Transfer in a Hydrocarbon Safety ParadigmNumerical Exercises on Heat Transfer in a Hydrocarbon Safety Paradigm
by Clifford Jones

This book results from the author's teaching of hydrocarbon process safety over many years and is a companion text to the recently-published Hydrocarbon Process Safety. It contains 90 detailed numerical problems in heat transfer which vary in difficulty. All of them appertain to hydrocarbon s... more...
Subsea Rock Installation and Rock PlacementSubsea Rock Installation and Rock Placement
A Guide for Offshore Operators
by Robert Eadie

Based upon the author’s wide experience in a broad range of projects, this invaluable book sets the scene and places rock installation in the context of the offshore industry today. This is an industry where health, safety and environmental considerations are factored in to a project with the ... more...
The Paralysis in Energy Decision MakingThe Paralysis in Energy Decision Making
European Energy Policy in Crisis
by Malcolm Grimston

This analysis of decision-making in the energy field, especially electricity in the UK and Western Europe, provides a critique of the various claims that are made for different ways of approaching the critical need for vast amounts of new investment. It explores reasons for the paralysis in decision... more...
The Principles of Thermal Sciences and their Applications to EngineeringThe Principles of Thermal Sciences and their Applications to Engineering
by Clifford Jones

This book presents an integrated approach to thermodynamics and heat transfer suitable for undergraduates on a number of courses. Topics covered include: * The First Law of Thermodynamics, fundamentals and applications * The Second and Third Laws * Thermodynamic cycles including the... more...
Topics in Environmental and Safety Aspects of Combustion TechnologyTopics in Environmental and Safety Aspects of Combustion Technology
by Clifford Jones

The book covers a number of quite diverse topics and has underlying chemistry, especially combustion chemistry, as a unifying theme across the chapters. There is frequent reference to the research literature, and accounts of many case studies. The text is backed up by numerous figures and tables.... more...
Understanding Metocean Understanding Metocean
A User Guide for Offshore Renewables and Oil & Gas
by Ian M. Leggett

This unique and innovative book provides guidelines, procedures and information for the offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors with regard to the requirements for metocean at each stage of the life cycle of a project. It also provides details about metocean processes and activities that ensur... more...


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