Authors of The Ring Ouzel are honoured!

Many congratulations indeed to our authors, Vic Fairbrother and Ken Hutchinson, who have very recently been honoured at the British Trust for Ornithology's annual awards ceremony and received the prestigious Marsh Award for Local Ornithology at a glittering event held at the Mall Gallery in London



  • In clear and utterly compelling English, this moving memoir tells the story of the agony, and the ecstasy, of one refugee – and of every refugee. 
  • A must read for anyone interested in the triumph of Afghanistan’s spirit over its seemingly endless suffering.  Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, British Ambassador to Afghanistan, 2007–2010

  • Encounters with spectacular birds all over the world and birding adventures to remote, magical locations
  • Why life-lists, rarities, questions about ‘what is a species?’ and other such things matter so much to the birder, including their origins in the long human story of our love of birds
  • Considers what, if anything, might need to change in birders’ attitudes, approach and practices faced with the extinction and biodiversity crisis


  • An unusual and lyrical account of birds from the Kazakh poet and author
  • Stresses the importance of birds to people resulting in more attention and kindness to birds
  • Includes an interesting selection of myths and facts for bird-lovers


Praise for John F. Messner’s book!

‘...a book that shows just how good a modern biography can be.  ...he lived a long and exciting and absolutely fascinating life and author John F. Messner can be congratulated in bringing Wyllie to the page in a way that is beautifully and compellingly written ... in a way that illuminates an intriguing corner of the story of the American Civil War’. Undiscovered Scotland

  • The untold story of Joannes Wyllie, son of a gardener from Fife, one of the most successful blockade runners of the American Civil War
  • Features his life of adventure and action; he was once declared dead, survived shipwrecks and shark attack, and successfully commanded ships across the globe
  • The most comprehensive history of the Ad-Vance is provided, from departing Glasgow until capture off the Carolina coast





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