Basic Principles of Plates and Slabs

Basic Principles of Plates and Slabs

For Safer and More Cost-Effective Structures

Peter Lowe

  • A much expanded new edition with a design chapter incorporating information on a new technology. A vital element of engineering design.
  • This comprehensive book provides a wide-ranging account of the theoretical aspects of plate and slab theory - in essence structural floors - followed by a discussion of the construction and design of real plate and slab elements.
234 × 156mm
256 pages

Floor structures account for the majority of all the structural material incorporated into a typical building and plate theories provide the information required to design them. The early chapters discuss kinematics and statics, then the theories of elastic and plastic plates and slabs are developed and studied. The novel methods described are capable of providing 'safe', lower bounds on the collapse loads for a wide range of shapes and types of floor. Then follows a discussion of what criteria should be met by a construction method. These criteria are used to develop design principles for what is termed the 'preferred method of construction'. Worked examples and exercises are provided throughout. The final sections include more lengthy exercises, an extensive, annotated bibliography and some brief historical notes on the evolution of the subject.

The post '9/11' environment requires that current methods and practices relating to all floor structures, their analysis, design and construction must be critically and impartially re-examined.

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