We are delighted to announce that The Ring Ouzel was shortlisted from 51 eligible books in the British Birds/BTO Best Bird Book of the Year 2020 Awards with the result that it achieved 5th place.

'...based on a 20-year local study by two amateur ornithologists really packs a punch. With masses of original information and observations, it impressed the judges by its professional presentation and readability. ...This informative and attractive book sets the benchmark for future species studies of this nature'.

An eye-opening collection of stories gathered from safari guides by the author

Charging elephants, angry lions, inquisitive rhino, venomous snakes are all here

A study of animal behaviour in response to perceived threats

The extraordinary ethos of guides leading walking trails

Extract from the Foreword by Wg Cdr Chris Goss, MA, RAF Ret'd

  • ...When Alan Measures contacted me a few years ago asking for my help with his book, I was only too willing to help. The results of his research, a labour of love over many years, were intended as a tribute to a relative and his crew lost in uncertain circumstances on operations in 1942. He and I discussed many times the best way to present the book and its format, and after much blood, sweat and tears what you see here is the result of his hard work. ... My congratulations are heartfelt, because I know what he has gone through.

Contains detailed research into events on 102 Squadron, an RAF bomber squadron

Listings of targets, call signs, routes flown and bomb loads are provided for each operation flown

Recounts individual stories of six crewmen drawn from different corners of the world

Details the chronological expansion of the Kammhuber Line and the rise of the Luftwaffe’s feared night fighter force, the Nachtjagd


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